Factory & QC


Located in Songjiang Free Zone, Shanghai         Located in JiuFu Industrial Zone, Shanghai
13000 square meters                                        5000 square meters
                                                                       Products: Washers

Quality Management

In 2004, we acquired ISO 9001:2000 certificate for our factory, Shanghai Delta Metal Products Co ltd., and further in 2010, we acquired certificate for our international trading company. From manufacturing to delivering every piece of our goods to you, they are all under QC control. Our quality manual are available upon receipt.

For every shipment, we will check dimensional and mechanical date according to DIN, IFI or other standards’ requirement on the spot and keep its records on file. For mill certificate, we will copy and keep also for future reference. Below is part of our standard test report.

To meet the changing demand of market, besides traditional testing tools, we always upgrade our testing tools with advance ones. Below is our newly handy stainless chemical composition testing gun imported from USA. They can test our stainless fasteners in 7 seconds to get its chemical composition, then it will trace from its computer’s stainless grade file to get its grade no. Compared with the old chemical solution, our QC job is much improved in the respect to efficiency and effectiveness.

Below is the Innov-X  Alpha-2000,  the most advanced handy testing machines to test chemical composition. It can test 25chemicals as Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,Zr,Nb,Mo,Pd,Ag,Sn,HfTa,W,Re,Pb,Bi,Sb,Se,Au,Pt. in 3-5seconds. Our QC people can bring by hand to test the Stainless screws, washers, nuts, bolts to get the exact results.

The testing result is automatically stored in its computer. Our QC people can contact and directly store to our company’s system and print the report.